Ivan Lebedev


2013 Dec 19....2014 Jan 28
Mimi Ferzt Gallery, Fun & Games (project with M.Magaril), personal exhibition NYC, NY, USA
2013 May 19  
Gene Shapiro Auction NYC, NY, USA  (project with Misa Magaril)
2013 April 
Mimi Ferzt Gallery, On View Now, Group exhibition NYC, NY, USA
2013 Feb 11...Mar 17
Mimi Ferzt Gallery, Figures, Group exhibition NYC, NY, USA
2013 Jan 16... Jan 22 
 Mimi Ferzt Gallery, A Semblance of Silver, Group exhibition NYC, NY, USA

2012 Dec 13...  
Mimi Ferzt Gallery, Very Mixed Media, Group exhibition NYC, NY, USA
2012 Oct 13...31    
Museum of Russian Art, Bright Visions, Group exhibition Jersey City, NJ, USA
2012 Aug 08...16  
International Art Festival / MoRA, Collective exhibition Jersey City, NJ, USA
2012 July 26...  
Mimi Ferzt Gallery, The Lenin Project. Personal exhibition NYC, NY, USA
2012 Apr..June 
Galiara Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA
2012 Apr  02...30 
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NYC, NY, USA

2012 Mar 22...25  
Art Expo New York, Pier 92, SOLO booth 1012 NYC, NY, USA

2012 Feb 09...27 
Mimi Ferzt Gallery, Extraordinary Portraits. Extraordinary Artists. NYC, NY, USA

2011 Dec 05...31
Museum of Russian Art, Personal Exhibition "20 Years", Jersey City, NJ, USA

2011 Oct 29...30 
CWOS, Alternative Studios, Individual Hall, New Haven CT, USA
2011 Oct 23...31   
Museum of Russian Art, Tri States Paper Works, Jersey City, NJ, USA

2011 Oct 14...30  
Art Space New Haven, New Haven, CT, USA


Artist statement:

For me the fundamental difference between photography and painting lies in three underpinnings of time characteristic of photographic images: fixation of a concrete moment, time-flow within the frame and the marks of natural wear on the physical printed form of the image and its texture.

I believe that the photographic process is a material essence for self-expression, like canvas or marble; it`s just one of the easiest ways to arrange some visual chaos around me, articulate the hidden harmony within us and share my feelings with others. Just feelings, not thoughts.

I like to call myself as a "photographic hooligan" attempting to walk along the boundaries of photographic art to get a feel for its edges.

My primary goal is to visualize the setting, not conceptualize it.
My favorite technique of late can be named "sliced panorama" and "linear walk-by-panorama" in which I am looking for ways to engage time and space.
                                                                                   Thank you for viewing, Ivan Lebedev

Any questions regarding exhibits should be addressed to my assistant:
Olga Lebedeva
203.623.8798 (USA)

Any questions regarding the purchasing artwork should be addressed to gallery:
212.343.9377 (Mimi Fertz Gallery, 81 Greene st, NYC, NY, USA)

If You have some ideas to connect with me, do not hesitate to do so
Ivan Lebedev
203.800.6406 (USA) or 926.691.9822 (RUSSIA)